My NeXTcube

Back in 1990 a company that you may have heard of named NeXT Computer founded by some guy named Steve Jobs released what, at the time, was a revolutionary computer workstation named the NeXTcube.

Fast forward a bit over a decade or so and I was studying Geographic Information Systems at Simon Fraser University.  One of my professors there was Dr. Thomas Poiker — of the famous Douglas-Poiker algorithm — who happened to own a NeXTcube.  This fact came up during a discussion and I mentioned to him that I would LOVE to have a NeXTcube for my collection of vintage computers.  Since his computers was now getting a bit long-in-the-tooth, and looking to find a good home for it, he agreed to let me have the computer when he was done with it.  Eventually the machine found its way to my house.

The machine I received was essentially stock.  25MHz Motorola 68040 CPU, 16MB of memory, 400MB SCSI drive.  Over the years, I upgraded the machine; added a new mother board supporting a faster CPU, upgraded the memory, changed the OS to NetBSD, added a dimension board.



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